Doers Makers Innovators to feature Google’s Ben Malbon

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You won’t want to miss this. Doers Makers Innovators second speaker this 2012/2013 year is Ben Malbon, managing director of Google’s Creative Lab in New York City. In case you’re not familiar with the Lab (there is no “S” at the end) these are the talented people who brought you Wilderness Downtown, Google Glass Film, Vet Net and Exquisite Forest.

The Lab is also the place that is successfully attracting some of the most talented people in all of advertising, digital and design to join them as they create “epic shit” out of Google technology. Within the last year they hired Iain Tait, the ex Poke founder, Wieden and Kennedy partner and the force behind the Old Spice Internet campaign.

Ben Malbon, of course, was the chief strategist at BBH NY (one of the best agencies on the planet) and the co-founder of BBH Labs and its highly regarded blog before Google snapped him up.

I’ve known Ben personally for a few years now and have been an admirer of his strategic insight, his passion for technology and his industry leadership since we first found each other on the Twitter. No doubt you’ll feel the same after attending this session.

Come hear Ben talk about the magical work that the Creative Lab produces and how it does so.


February 22

11:00 am to 12:00 noon

Room 209

Boston University College of Communication

(Doers Makers Innovators underwritten through the generosity of Mullen.)