In her "copious spare time" Michelle Johnson freelances for the Globe's technology section "Click, and" Here's an archive of her recent stories. (Tip: Use your browser's "back" button to return here.)



12/08/99 "Stress Testing" E-commerce Sites NEW!

11/16-18/99 Comdex

11/08/99 - Holiday Shopping Online  

10/07/99 - Transportation & Technology 

  • Planes
    Autos & Buses
    Websites that get you from here to there.
  • Free Stuff 
    Plan a trip, price your old "beater," or admire the latest Boeing aircraft screensaver for free.
  • Gadgets
    Can't get enough of 'em.

07/29/99 - The Wired Office

05/06/99 - Home Technology

  • Free Stuff Online
    Attention coupon clippers, tightwads, and work-at-home types on a budget. You can get something for practically nothing on the web.
  • Networking Your Home Office
    The laptop's connected to the desktop. They're both connected to the high-speed modem, laser printer, color printer, fax machine.... You get the picture. Home networking kits are hot.

2/11/99 - E-Commerce

  • Are You Bidding?
    Sold! The virtual auction gavel comes down on millions of items online every day. See why these cyber garage sales are so popular.

11/05/98 - Communications