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Michelle Johnson

About MJ Internet Consulting

MJ Internet Consulting creates web sites for non-profits, small businesses, media, and individuals.

Michelle Johnson, owner of MJ Internet Consulting is a former editor for the Boston Globe. Following a 13-year career at the Globe that included serving as editor of the computer page and editorial manager of Boston Globe Online, she left the company in March of 1996 to form her own consulting business. Johnson was part of the team that launched, home of Boston Globe Online, one of the hottest regional web sites in the nation.

MJ Internet Consulting's main business is content development and web site production. What sets my services apart, is that I offer editing/writing/content development in addition to web page production.

Unlike a pricey ad agency or Internet Service Provider that's tacked on web pages as a sideline, MJ Internet Consulting is focused full-time on helping clients produce websites that meet their goals, within their budgets.

MJ Internet Consulting is biased toward the simple, but visually pleasing school of web design. That means my sites are not bloated with scripts and "plug-ins" that crash browsers and slow the average user's machine to a crawl.

You'll never see a logo on one of MJ Internet Consulting's sites that reads: "Site best viewed with XX browser." My sites are best viewed with any browser.

There are many ways to create attractive, functional web sites without employing budget-busting, browser-choking special effects. MJ Internet Consulting takes pride in creating such sites and helping non-profits, small businesses, and media, publish on the web.

If you are considering a presence on the web, call Michelle Johnson @ 617-524-0757, or email me: